What is SmARPro?


In my last work experience digitalization became a big topic for me. Interesting innovations are floating the market. During my research about logistics in the industry 4.0 I have found the project “SmARPro” (Smart Assistance for Humans in Production Systems). The goal is improvement in communicating in-between logistics, production and handling. This current lack of communication between control logic, the machines and the operators of production facilities and logistics systems is one of the main problems in today’s networked production. The SmarPro creates the possibility for standardized recording and processing of operating data by using the SmarPro platform. The SmarPro system combines the order levels consisting of control systems, warehouse administration systems and enterprise resource planning with the device level consisting of wearables and machines.

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A connection between man and machine is one of the main tasks of today’s technology. The SmarPro platform creates dies by combining data from SmarPro Wearables and SmARPro SmartDevices. The wearables give the employee the ability to visualize the knowledge that turns around machines and objects. The SmarPro platform connects the two levels of the entire system and creates an information exchange by processing the data. The SmarPro project focuses on people and machines as core components in production. SmarPro SmartDevices integrates machines into the generation of information. Sensors and communication elements enable the direct removal of information directly at the machine and the transmission of the collected data to the SmarPro platform. With the aid of the SmarPro Wearables, this information of the employees is context-based and displayed in the form of an Augmented Reality display depending on its current position. Information please directly on the object. Work instructions can be taken up by the human being without the user having to interrupt his work process. With SmarPro the information display changes fundamentally. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

For a deeper interest the following video will show the palletizing with the technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkXhQLTZM1M

Mobile factories are versatile and modular, so it is important that the individual components are using the connection-capabilities as well. Components can interact with one another without imposing manufacturer dependencies and different interfaces. Thus, new devices can be added, old or defective can be removed and adapted at present, the adaptation of overall structures, such as production processes, can be dispensed with. Which is the perfect, the possibility of optimal adjustment. I really like this example in showing a new possibility of interaction, not only between human being, between all the tools which are integrated in the process. The goal of good communication is not only concerning human beings. I hope I could give the readers with my last post something with a matter of interest for everybody. I really liked focusing on the future aspects, I am excited to see what will happen in the next years. Many regards & a great summer for everybody out of FADE and MUGEPS.

Marius Heinzel

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