Malvarrosa’s auto wrecker

Malvarrosa’s auto wrecker had been established in 1981.

A typical auto wrecker receives the car. After that, they unregister the car on the national register. And workers extract all the dangerous things like fuel, oils, batteries… Finally, the car is deposited in a big place outdoors, like the folowing picture.

Razones para visitar el desguace

Stock a car this way has three big disadvantages:

  • You need a big place to store them.
  • Some parts of the car are damaged for being outside.
  • If you need a part for your car you have to find the car, and dissemble it.

For these reasons, Malvarrosa’s auto wrecker decided some years ago to invest in a new place where using technology they can store a lot of parts in the same place.

Its warehouse it is organised by 12,5-meter-high shelves that contain 12800 boxes and 3200 pallets. They have different types of boxes in order to fit the box to the part and save place. In addition, they have a robotic system with 4 robots that deposit and bring whatever you want using barcodes and RFID technology .

I could write a lot about it, but I think it’s better to understand it seeing this video, it’ in Spanish but you could use youtube subtitles in order to understand it better:


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