While we were trying to organize Papeleria warehouse, big companies do not have to worry about this issue because they have robots that do that job. For instance, Amazon has increase its warehouse staff with robots. Nowadays, Amazon counts with 45,000 robots inside 20 of their fulfillment centres.

The company bought those robots from Kiva Systems company in 2012 for automating the picking and packing process in the centres making Amazon even more efficient. The robots move through he warehouses for doing the picking, which normally is done by a person. The robots have an speed of 5 mph and can gold packages that weight up to 317 kilograms. Even though, the acquisition of robots it’s a very high investment, for huge companies such as Amazon worth it because it make them even more productive.

robot amazon.jpg

Amazon goal is to have a robot that is capable of picking or selecting individual objects no matter their order or placement without the need for assistance. Some of them are focus on picking items off the shelves, others zoom around with touch screens that are programed for being available all the time. Its main objective is to save retailers money and to make deliveries as fast as possible.

Their robot software and hardware can recognize objects, grab them, execute tasks, detect errors and recover as needed. The robots can picked and stowed in a minimum amount of time.

As it is shown in the video, the way the fulfillment center works is one of the key of success Amazon have for offering fast deliveries, without having problems of founding products or not knowing what they have in stock.

In conclusion, not all companies can afford this kind of technology for managing their warehouse but it is definitely a very good idea in terms of time and productivity for the companies than can have it.



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