The Aeroscraft

This weekend I was driving to my job and when I saw these huge wind turbines I thought about how to transport them without disturbing the regular drivers.  What almost everybody knows is that for carrying the components of a wind turbine lots of trucks are needed, and that this operation is extremely difficult and fragile.

Resultado de imagen de transportation of wind turbines

So, looking for more efficient ways of transportation, I found the possibility of using the Aeroscraft.  Worldwide Aeros Corp. (Aeros), the aircraft company, is proposing that its logistics product, the Aeroscraft, will provide wind power components manufacturer a more cost efficient solution for delivering current turbine products, as well as larger scale turbine components, from production to delivery site.

Motivated to become an international provider of advanced transportation solutions, Aeros developed the Aeroscraft that has the ability to carry a large payload of 66 tons to provide a hi-tech aviation vertical solution to moving heavy and oversized cargo, from point-of-origin to point-of-need, even to areas with limited or no infrastructure.

The Aeroscraft is a rigid variable buoyancy airship—a first of its kind—designed to control airlift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to offload its payload without re-ballasting. The Aeroscraft is not a blimp, zeppelin or a hybrid vehicle.

Resultado de imagen de aeroscraft

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