Need a job? How about people plugger?

Today I’m writing again about logistic processes with human beings, but this time it’s about living people.

Why I write about it? Well, I have to go to the university by bus soon and I heard that it will be crowdy, but then I was thinking about my time in China and had to laugh.  All of you know that in Asia, there are a looot of people and imagine what rush hours look like in big cities like Beijing, Tokio or Shanghai. I made once the mistake going somewhere during rush hour. NEVER EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE! You don’t have any space left. I’m not saying that someone is in your private space of 30 cm. I’m saying that you can barely breath and you get intense body contact with more people than you’d like.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-09 um 12.25.05

But however, these people all must go to work and even though the trains come in 2-3 minutes rhythm, there are still too many people. That’s why they hired people in order to push people in the trains. I’m not kidding. Watch the video:

So if you have a little heavy metaller inside of your heart and love pogos, why not going to Asia and apply for a job as professional people plugger? (“Oshiya” is the correct japanse word for it)

But this job is getting more and more replaced by high tech automated systems with security gates in front of the train access.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-09 um 12.37.39

These gates close before the train gates close, so no more people can try to get in. Furthermore, they avoid suicides. In Spain, you can find such a system in Sevilla for example as well.

Another interesting fact: these barriers are already recognized in some cities as advertisement and selling space. In South Korea for example, the supermarket chain tesco uses this space as a virtual supermarket, where people use their smartphones to order from the gates what they want to have delivered to their homes.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-09 um 12.41.19

This system of course is not applicable during rush hours, but never the less it’s a great way for busy people to not waste time.





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