Strange transport inventions

Having seen some interesting futuristic transport vehicles in our blog posts, an idea came to my mind: what about the now abandoned inventions, that once embodied hope and dream of mankind, but have long since been consigned to oblivion? Doomed for being too beautiful to exist in a world such as ours?

So here we are, looking at the relics of the past:



Traveling with conventional hot air balloons has its risk: the traveler is always at the mercy of the winds and can hardly control where he or she can go to. But a mighty yet friendly elephant may yet save the day. Surely nothing can go wrong?

Cinderella’s lost carriage


Straight from the fairy tales! Just imagine the look on the Fairy-Godmother’s face.



Not every one can afford to breed and keep a horse in their house. The maintenance cost is too high, and it takes too much space, which is also a cost. Not to mention safety issue and environmental responsibility.

But persistence is the key to everything. That and a pinch of boldness…

Giant Donuts Tricycle


Fast and furious in its purest form! This beast ought ta draw a manly tear or two from Dominic or Brian.


Bad traffic ruins your romantic rendezvous? No parking lots left? Constant road construction work? Fear no more! With the helicoupler, now you can graciously, fabulously and intimately waltz your way into the moonlight.

Note: Emergency landing equipment (aka Umbrella) is sold separately.

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