Special EXPRESS Services: NEW ERA

Namaste! Coming up with another experience from India. Knowing these names since childhood for Logistics Services: GATI , SAFEEXPRESS. Once I was looking for some services on the site of these companies and observed some special services: innovative and Qualified services they have added. I thought would be interesting to share with you all. Analysing the different needs of people in India with logistics services. The companies have begin categorized and cost-effective Services for individuals and SMEs :

  • “Student Express & Campus2home” is a specialized service for students which assist the students to manage the packaging and movement of their luggage and material belongings from their dorm to home or next destination. Providing Flexible payment options with Student discounts, easy documentation, Free consignment Insurance, Tracking services, Customer support services, fast delivery and other services.
  • “Easy2move” is a unparalleled door to door delivery offered for small business shipments, samples, promotion items, gifts, etc. in India and saves 90% on excess luggage expenses. Proving free weekend and holiday deliveries.

  • “Sainik Express” service for Assisting Indian defence personals by offering specialized baggage delivery services to them (soldiers). Special discounts, Easy payment options, inbuilt risk coverage, convenient pickups/ deliveries, Packaging & transit documentation support, other services and allow them to have carefree travels.
  • “Safe Returns” service offered specially to cater the needs of participants of exhibitions and expos. This service allows individuals and company delegates to make smooth and timely exits from exhibition centers, by ensuring Hassel-free returns of their products and demo pieces, after exhibition. Provides pickups at desired time according to events with cost-effective services. Another special service is added to this as Retail Returns with enables services to retailers for returning and transporting stock.
  • “Art Express” is a special service provided to transport delegate art pieces. Prepared teams with extensive training on handling, packaging and transportation of valuable art works. This expertise combine with infrastructure makes an ideal choice for private collectors, antique dealers, galleries, corporate buyers, fine art specialist, interior designers and artists presenting in exhibitions.

There are many more companies offering such services with categorized services with specialized workforce and proper infrastructure, facilitating logistics for public.

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