Trends in logistic industry 2021.

Found this image and found really interesting how new innovations are getting part of the logistic industry. Working along, the industry finds ways to work easier and measure better their performance.


Let’s talk about the TOP 5 trends.

  1. Internet of things: Physical devices to monitor and transfer data. Integrating IoT technology into the logistics industries we archive real-time visibility of goods, condition monitoring, and fleet management.
  2. Artificial intelligence: Cognitive automation technology brings intelligence to automate administrative tasks and speeds up operations. For example: price prediction and demand forecasting.
  3. Robotics: Integrating robotics into logistics increases the speed and accuracy of supply chain processes and reduces errors.
  4. Warehouse automation: Warehouse automation increases efficiency, speed, and productivity by reducing human interventions. Including automated guided vehicles, robotic picking, automated storage and put-wall picking.
  5. Blockchain: Brings transparency of transactions to the entire logistics process.

If you want to know more you can check this link.

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