what if ALL OF A SUDDEN everyone wants to buy your product…? a story of relaince jio in india

what if I told you that Digi Sims are going to be available for 3 euros and if you buy a sim card this month you can have unlimited amount of calls and unlimited internet, will you buy it? that is how things went in India few years ago. in 2016 I had started my bachelors and my college friends told me that there is this Sim card we can buy at a very cheap price and can use it for unlimited calls and unlimited internet for 1 month(or 3 months if I remember correctly). mobile data was expensive in India back then, it was around 3 euros only for 1 GB of internet at 3G speed, smartphone era was on all time high, everyone wanted to enjoy YouTube, movies etc.

Jio was a brand lauched by reliance just like wayra brand(Innovation management) lauched by telefonica. reliance opened Jio stores throughout the country to meet with the demand of this new product. well…the word demand is overrated as thousands and millions of people rushed to buy the sim cards, the stores had 2 hour long queues outside before opening, workers worked around the clock to sell it, but were not enough, one small store received around 700 applications in day when all of this wasn’t even publicized.

so what does Jio do? in this situation where the demand is going off the roof into the moon and then to the black hole, jio had to allow 3rd party dealers and small stores to sell the product, it couldn’t handle the rush at its stores and their employees being overworked, they started selling sims by appointment as well, whoever wanted it could call Jio and a salesperson would come to the house to get the work started. their sales team started setting up small stands like blood donation camps so that they can sell it on the streets, they even went to the universities and colleges to sell. this teaches us on how a Big company with an amazing product had to do whatever it takes to meet the demand and sell its product efficiently.

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