So I decided to write the blog on this topic since amazon uses different types of vehicles in India which many of my classmates aren’t aware of, I was discussing a case study in New trends in service strategies with Pablo and Miguel and involved the delivery system the company used in a country, I was pretty comfortable to tell them that delivery is easily possible and they were confused on what I was talking about. So their question was like “How can Vans go easily through traffic and through narrow streets that have bad roads RAVI!? you stupid or something?” and I replied “Stupid is as stupid does..”(Forest Gump) Just kidding, they didn’t say that. that is when I replied that I am not talking about delivering products by a 4 wheeler but by a 2 wheeler, because that’s what amazon uses in India alongside 4 wheelers. as things are done differently in every country or continent.

in my opinion delivery by motorbikes is a great way for amazon to get through the traffic in cities, bad roads and narrow streets and it has been working very well for Amazon in India.

Amazon recently started its E-rickshaw(3 wheelers) delivery services as you can see Jeff Bezos travelled to India and is posing in the picture. he has also announced Amazon’s plan to deploy 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws across the country, after successfully completed the trails in 2019. The rickshaws would be sourced from automotive startup Rivian and are said to be operational across 20 cities by 2025.

The company is placing a lot of emphasis on its environmental vision, which fit in alongside its #climatepledge announced back in September 2019, in which Amazon plans to be completely carbon neutral by 2040.

it is amusing to see how a big company like amazon is going ahead of its time and using this type of service that is acceptable in the culture, which I guess is cheaper and can carry more load as compared to motorbikes. In bigger cities there is a lot of pollution and the government is making many policies to reduce pollution, they introduced different schemes like odd-even which allow vehicle with odd number to drive on odd days and vehicle with even numbers to drive on even days, although this is not the reason that amazon is launching this, but I believe this can be one of the reasons to improve its image as the business for amazon is just increasing by big margins in India.

Raghav Jain(Ravi)

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