A solution for logistic mobility in cities

After the development of the industrial revolution, logistical problems began to appear in the cities related to the parking of cars due to the increase in the concentration of population in the cities and with it, the increase in the number of vehicles.

This led to solutions for more efficient mobility in large cities such as New York or Chicago. The problem was that the price of land in the cities was increasing, so the investment in the construction of a conventional parking was not feasible.

For this reason, in the 1920s, the first high-rise car parks began to be installed, created by the Westinghouse company.

Nueva York ya ideó la solución a los problemas de aparcamiento en ...

Today, 100 years later, this solution is again strongly presented for the concept of so-called smart cities.

In fact, in Spain, the first city to develop this idea has been Alcalá de Henares.

Although with a slightly different and more updated technology, it is curious how, passing years and years, solutions and ideas that were created a long time ago are still useful and valid.



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