Green logistics

The sector of logistics has also committed with the compromise of finding solutions to take care of the planet and reduce our impact. One of these alternatives for future transportation is Green Logistics which is based on transforming the logistics systems and processes using innovation in order to develop a strategy more respectful with the environment. The main objective of this philosophy is improving the efficiency of the transport and reducing the impact on the environment but also obtaining an economic rentability for the businesses.

Regarding the transportation, Green Logistics tries to cut down the sources of pollution, coming these emissions from vehicles so new advances in the automotive sector as well as the incorporation of electric vehicles will reduce pollution levels. In addition, load and route optimization, such as reducing travel distance, could help to the amount of CO2 emissions.

La “Logística verde” y el fraude ambiental de Volkswagen ...

Green logistics connects the environmental issue with logistic activities; thus it is obvious that other parts of logistics are involved. In the terms of packaging, eco-friendly packages could be used in deliveries and reusable materials could be returned when the transportation is all completed.

However, Green Logistics has also some disadvantages to keep in mind as it explains this article:

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