How far is the drone delivery from us?

After placing an order online, the order is automatically transferred to the e-commerce storage center. All the goods in the storage center are transported from the factories of various brands by driverless trucks. After the truck delivers the goods, the warehousing robot automatically unloads and enters the warehouse.

After receiving the order, the warehousing center sends instructions to the warehousing robot. The latter goes to the corresponding warehouse area to find the shelves. With the cooperation of the intelligent mechanical arm, the goods are picked.

Then, the warehousing robot sends the goods to the packaging robot, packs and pastes the logistics bill, and then delivers the package to the drone or delivery robot, which will directly deliver the package to the consumer’s door.

From consumers placing orders to delivering packages to their doorsteps, the entire process behind them is done intelligently and unmanned. Is this a scene only in science fiction?

Not exactly. In fact, it is coming towards us. Although it will take time to be completely intelligent and unmanned, they have penetrated into the basic links of logistics such as warehousing, transportation, and distribution.

“The development of logistics technology has gone through the stages of mechanization, automation and nowadays has reached intelligence”

In the mechanization stage, logistics machinery and equipment appeared one after another and used in logistics activities, but the application of computers was still very few, the automatic control system was few, and the automatic stereoscopic library was only applied in a limited number of fields.

In the automation stage, automated stereo libraries are gradually popularized, and AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) technology and a series of management systems are born.

In the intelligent stage, the production logistics system taking the opportunity of Industry 4.0 was applied on a large scale, robots, drones, and “goods to people” and other technologies emerged one after another, and various traditional technologies and emerging technologies began to integrate. At this stage, modern information technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have become mainstream.

We also see that logistics companies, e-commerce companies, and solution providers such as UPS, Amazon, Tucson Future, Ignore Iris, etc. are all exploring, testing, and landing the application of these latest technologies in different links in the logistics field .

“The era of unmanned smart logistics is coming soon”

In the future, unmanned warehouses can coordinate systems and equipment through intelligent means. People will participate in warehouse operations as administrators and monitor the normal operation of machines and intelligent equipment in the warehouse.

One day, unmanned driving has completely replaced the role of driver, and the car has become a highly automated means of transportation. The real intelligent matching of the car and the cargo will be a revolution in the whole logistics transportation mode.

At the same time, at the end of the future, we can make our own choice: let the courier deliver it to the door, pick up the package at the courier downstairs, or deliver it to the door by the drone.

With the strong promotion of emerging technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and robots.

we believe that this day is really not far away.

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