CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, Transportation and logistics

Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment company and the world’s largest theater producer. It is based in Montreal, Canada.

EFM is a logistics company specialised in multi modal transport. Since 2000 they have been providing logistics solutions to the live events industry.

Leading brands and the biggest names in Music, Sport, Automotive, Events, Stage & Screen trust and rely on them to manage their global event logistics. They have been behind the successful delivery of many of the greatest shows of the 21st century.

In 2017 EFM was designated to deal with the vehicle and coordinations for Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza show. They organized everything to move the show from Perth to Singapore, where they tied down cutting edge endorsement from Singapore Customs to permit the high worth shipments to be brought into Singapore.

They took care of the entryway to entryway transportation, in addition to the lifting and establishing of 78 delivery compartments, including all the set, outfits, creation and specialized hardware, and the team gear. Also, they took care of further shipments into Singapore, to get together with the primary show from Paris, Melbourne and Montreal.

In Perth, they had side loaders at the Belmont Park Racecourse, to lift all the compartments onto trucks to move them from the scene to the port. The activity was amazingly tight with only six hours between the planned assortment time of the last holder and the cut-off time at the port for the shipment.

On appearance in Singapore, the EFM crew had two days to clear and convey the initial three compartments to the Marina Bay Sands. Fro some of the tasks they used a 180 ton crane. They finished the activity three hours in front of calendar and premiere night of the visit in Singapore was a colossal achievement. The show showed up in Shanghai and has since been touring in China, where they have moved everything from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

Although Cirque Du Soleil worked with EFM they signed an agreement with DHL in 2014 so they became official logistics partner. I recommend you to visit the website of EFM, they have lots of cases of study of their most successful and biggest projects, EFM.

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