Impact of Coronavirus on International Logistics

Many industries have been affected since the coronavirus swept the globe, especially cross-border e-commerce. Now let’s talk about how cross-border e-commerce is affected.

The first is the platform. Affected by this epidemic, all cross-border e-commerce platforms will be affected to varying degrees. This is reflected in the difficulties of small and medium-sized sellers, slow logistics and delivery times, and foreign consumers’ short-term trust in Chinese goods. Based on various factors, although Amazon Global Open Store, eBay, AliExpress, Wish and other cross-border e-commerce platforms have issued policies and measures, they will inevitably affect the transaction value and business of cross-border e-commerce. Business platform. Revenue and other performance, and even operating results in the first half.

The second is the supply chain. In the short term, cross-border e-commerce goods will be out of stock.Most small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce sellers have insufficient stocking, and there will be no stock when the products are sold out.

The third is logistics. China’s logistics has not yet fully recovered, and procurement is completely inoperable. In international logistics, the cost of small package express will increase greatly due to the reduction of flights. We must consider shipping, but the delivery time will be extended, and the consumer experience is not good. At present, many countries have completely stopped flights to China, and some countries have reduced flights to China. This will have a greater impact on logistics to countries such as Africa, especially for enterprises that use postal parcels as their main logistics method.

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