Exotic nontraditional fruits are blooming in EU, and the producers keep improving logistics in order to export its product to different markets. Yellow passion fruit should be stored at 7°C to 10°C with 90% to 95% relative humidity, now a days there is containers that could fulfill those requirement, and if the exporter follow the cooling procedures, there is a potential storage-life of 3-5 weeks.

Exporters could send these type of fruit by container if the destiny is quite close, however, most of the time and for long distances this fruit shall be exported by plane, using a cooling storage, in order to deliver the fruit in adequate conditions. Normally it could be more expensive to transport a fruit in a plane, since it take lower days to arrive, yet in this type of fruits it is worth it to do it, as the client is willing to pay fairly more to other fruits.

Arranging logistics depend on the distance, durability and urgency of the client, if there is a possibility to draw a delivery plan schedule is essential for a producer and exporter company, however, if the relationship with the client won’t allow it, it is mandatory to have a closer look to logistics with regards, time table of the vessels, estimated time of departure and arrival, and nationalization process, before reach the warehouse and later the shelves.

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