Traffic and Transport in Technological Park of Paterna

According to the topic that we discussed in the last lesson, I would like to touch on the topic of queues, traffic and the problem of public transport that exists.

From my own experience, I can describe what problems a resident of Valencia expects if he is suddenly lucky to get a job over Valencia city in one of the places where are concentrated more than 1600 organizations, 3 industrial zones, 5 technological institutes and also cafes, restaurants, hotels and many establishments related to the business area.

The busy life in this business city starts at about 9 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m.

The problem, which is so acute that it has been repeatedly written about in all media sources, is as follows:

– almost complete lack of public transport. There are 2 buses circulating about 1 time per hour, in the morning and evening hours. In the middle of the day, there are only 3 bus.

– Queues to enter the park can reach waiting times could be about 20 minutes, and after entering you will be expected to move around the park at a speed of 5-10 km / h

– lack of parking spaces. Not all organizations have their own parking lots, so the time spent on parking can be safely added to the additional time of stress of the driver.

So, we will consider the 2 most popular options, to get to the technology park if we say you live on Benimaclet: by car and by bus, we will take the average value. For the average, let’s go to Google:

  1. In the first picture we can see that the time could be from 18 to 45 min. Almost true with the experience which I have. It possible to get there in 20 min if you go in August or in Saturday. And you will get about 45 min, but probably more if you want to go there on Monday morning. Do not forget to add the time to search for parking, which at such a time you can hardly find. In total we have about 1 hour of the route.
  2. In the second picture we can see that in public transport we have to change tram to bus, and expecting time of all route is about 50 min, but you will arrive in your job a little bit early (we don’t have another options) but only in case if the bus don’t be in a traffic with another cars. Also, we need to get more time for the situation if the tram late a little bit, so you lose your bus. Do not forget to add the time to get to Benimacet (in our case), because any case we don’t live exactly on the tram stop. So, in total with the time to get to your job could be about 1h30 min
picture 1
picture 2

The problem still doesn’t solve. It was different activities to resolve the problem:

– On the site of the park itself there is a page with carpooling that does not work at all.

– in 2009, when the number of organizations had not yet reached that number, this problem already existed. Various organizations were involved that were supposed to participate in the development of a solution to the problem.

The Technological Institute of Packaging, Transportation and Logistics (Itene) is immersed in the development of this project, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Itene leads this project, which also includes two other research organizations (Cenit and ZLC), and has the experience of three technology companies specialized in the development of mobility applications (BIT Carrier, Palma Tools and ITS Spain) and with the support of entities such as Fivec and eTM.

– in 2017 there was talk of extending the tram tracks, but nothing was decided.

In fact, some recommendations for the improvement of public transport can be extracted from the survey, among which the existence of more direct buses or a greater frequency in the service are the most valued by respondents.

The last news about the situation was in November 2019. The Generalitat will launch a pilot program of transport shuttles that will connect the city of Valencia with seven industrial parks and parks in the metropolitan area, which will be launched during 2020 and will serve 34,500 users.

But nowadays, if you have a job in this place the best way to you, to have a car or sharing a car with somebody. With all problems is the better that use the public transport where you can lose 3 hours daily just for the route.

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