Automated Vertical Carousel Storage Machine

The automated vertical carousel storage machine is based on the goods-to-person principle. These machines provide fast and accurate picking of stored inventory and use overhead air space to allow for the maximum amount of storage in a minimal footprint. The high rotation speed and efficient machine movements allow more productive picking processes with fewer picking errors. Bins are delivered to an ergonomic counter-high level for quick identification and fast retrieval of items. The ergonomic, state-of-the-art design makes operation easy for all personnel. The vertical carousel is ergonomically designed to prevent actions (bending, lifting, and climbing) that can cause employee injury.

The vertical carousel offers 60% or more storage capacity than static storage shelving and are ideal for storing anything from light to heavy parts over 1,400 pounds per carrier. The flexible carriers can be adapted to a variety of applications from uniformly organized bins to items of varying sizes or a combination of the two.

The vertical storage carousels can be used in a standalone environment or integrate with your WMS or ERP. Simply use the touchscreen to indicate the part and quantity of items to be picked, and the storage carousel automatically rotates into position for immediate retrieval. When an item is requested, the carousel will automatically rotate via the shortest path to deliver items. Integration with WMS makes it possible to track and manage locations of goods and inventory levels.

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