Supermarkets and Electric Vehicles

After knowing if electric trucks were possible or not, the alternatives that exist today and their limitations, I had doubts about whether any of the supermarkets in Spain were using them.

Right now in Spain there are 3 supermarkets that already use electric vehicles to deliver orders. Carrefour, Lidl and Mercadona have decided to start working with electric vehicles.

The most striking case is Carrefour, the French brand began to use an electric vehicle for deliveries in the center of Madrid. This vehicle is a kind of motorcycle-van, has an autonomy of 8 hours and has solar panels for recharging. The name is Scoobic light, it is 100% electric. As it is approved as a scooter, it can be parked in motorcycle areas and has a removable system that allows loading and unloading in an agile way. In addition, it is an efficient transport since it can carry a volume of 1,400 liters of load.

Lidl and Mercadona have started testing Man’s electric model, the TGM 26.30E. With this alternative they avoid the fossil fuel restrictions that we are beginning to see in big cities like Madrid. In addition, being electric is perfect for night-time discharges, as it does not make any noise.

Mercadona is also testing another vehicle for the delivery of its online store. This new vehicle, designed in collaboration with the specialist body supplier Subiela, the specialist supplier of refrigeration equipment Thermoking and the specialist supplier of engines Maxus, has a capacity to transport 7 orders per trip, and its interior is similar to the rest of the trucks that make up the fleet of this online shopping service.

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