A different automatic warehouse

In this post I want to talk about an automatic warehouse in the corrugated cardboard sector.

Normally when we think of an automated warehouse, an ASRS or a Miniload, we think of the storage of pallets or boxes. But not all automatic warehouses are designed to store pallets or boxes.

In this case, it is an intermediate warehouse for corrugated cardboard stacks, this warehouse serves as a buffer between the corrugator (machine where the cardboard is produced) and the machines where the cardboard sheets are converted into boxes.

At the exit of the corrugator, the machine sends the data from the cardboard stacks to the warehouse computer system. This data includes the number and height of the piles and the number of plates. The warehouse is connected to the company’s ERP, allowing it to anticipate the programming of the machines where the cardboard boxes are manufactured. When the warehouse receives the signal, the stacker moves to the position where the stacks are located, picks them up and sends them to the box machine.

What are the advantages of automatic warehouse?

  • Optimal use of space.
  • Total control of stock.
  • Reduction in direct labor.

What disadvantages does it have?

  • Initial investment is very high.
  • Need of a very robust information system.
  • High cost of maintenance.

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