Moving from A to B

As everything in life, in order to do good when planning an event, you have to have a plan and series of activities to do in order to achieve the desire results. And as you can imagine, organizing a sporting event is not an exception.

This time I’m going to talk about running (a race, marathon), which are going to need that we fulfill a series of tasks before, during and after the main event so we can label it as successful.


As the very first thing and basic need, we have to measure and specify the route. This will make all following decisions dependent and maybe, easier to make.

Runners registration: You must have a specific platform or place where the forms can be fill out and register. Everything must be saved and a limited number of places granted.

Volunteers registration: Have a data base of everyone participating and contact information. Distribute the tasks required to do on the day.

Kits. The same as the number of places. All put together at least a weed before the race and stablish the pickup or pickup places. Must be centered and nearby the route chosen.

Start the marketing; make everyone aware of what’s happening, place, hour, route, distances, prices, etc.

Get all material needed in order to limit the rout, and signalized it.

Hydration posts and waste disposal management.

Sound equipment

Portable toilets; the number of this depends on how long the circuit is


Ensure a medical team to be on site.

Now, as learned before, everything mention will have to be placed on the event day so is a MUST to have planned arriving schedules, movers, transportation suppliers and timing for in and out of place.


Welcoming all runners and putting them into place according to their registration.


Judge panel in place


Places announcements


Record of time of every runner including every checkpoint

Final report to sponsors and investors

Customer satisfaction survey

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