Warehouse SPACE PLAN

Warehouse product flow determines your overall productivity and efficiency, when designing the overall layout of warehouse, the shipping and receiving placement should be valuated and chosen based on available space product throughput needs and available resources, warehouse layout option to consider include U shaped, I shaped and L shaped,
U shaped warehouse product flow is the most common type of layout in this layout the shipping and receiving docks are located next to one another, offering shared utilization of dock resources such as personnel and material handling equipment, this layout also minimizes product handling offering high cross docking capability.
I shaped warehouse product flow and L shaped warehouse product flow also known as through flow are similar and that the shipping and receiving areas are located on different sides of the warehouse as a result these require more available space than U shaped layouts, these layout can be beneficial for certain operation for example warehouses that require heightened security can benefit from the separate in an out areas, I shaped and L shaped can also provide larger sorting and storage areas for both shipping and receiving docks as well as for isolated monitoring of each function.

Four Tips for Optimizing Your Warehouse:
1-Choose the right storage system to maximize usage of space for instance with pallet flow racking can double or triple capacity compared to a conventional pallet rack if loaded in the back and unloaded from the front pallet flow system are a first in first out to help manage product rotation.
2-If Warehouse is rectangular are racking should most likely be run long ways it’s the most efficient way to set up aisles.
3-Make sure are using all vertical space too many times there’s vertical space on top of pallets that goes unused many of Toyota warehouse solution can life over 30 feet increasing vertical stacking capabilities.
4- Always slot pallets for maximum accessibility skills with the highest frequency of turns should be placed together in the most accessible locations, most of the time the most accessible location is at ground level allowing a picker to use an electric pallet jack rather than needing a larger forklift or order picker.

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