Boeing in the next two decades.

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing estimates that in the next twenty years, the volume of air cargo around the world will grow above the fleet of aircraft that was dedicated to carrying this air cargo.

Based on a report carried out by this company, worldwide cargo traffic will increase 4.2%, the cargo aircraft fleet will grow by 2.8% and in the next decades, it is expected that world trade will increase by 3.4%.

The increase that is taking place in the entire planet of e-Commerce shipments are subject to very short delivery times, something that translates into an increase in the demand of air transport and consequently the increase of the fleet to have the sufficient capacity to move volumes of products.

Between 2018 and 20137, Boeing plans to carry out 980 deliveries of new cargo planes, as well as 1670 passenger aircraft conversions for the transport of goods, with the world fleet of aircraft going from 1870 units to 3260 aircraft planned for 2037. Of that number of aircraft planned, 1280 aircraft will be standard fuselage, 1150 medium volume, and 830 large aircraft.

In general terms, the increase in aircraft operating worldwide will be around 42,730 aircraft. In the following video you can know more about the aircraft made by Boeing and the future of them:

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