Amazon Warehousing

acastro_180329_1777_amazon_0001.0The building about a million square feet and employ a thousand associates during the peak holiday seasons. The store millions of units of inventory within the buildings and millions of different types of inventory as well , and ship out tens of thousands of customer orders everyday during peak .
In the busiest time of the year many of employees as possible as they can to get the customers orders out , and they try to get as much inventory so our customers can see the selection that Amazon .

Center how the product throughout the building is they bring the product in from the vendor , typically receive it on large 53 foot trailers , they bring it in either in pallets , or case quality will receive it , so they do a virtual receipt of every item to transfer ownership to Amazon and then they put it into the bin .
It’s important to put it into the bin because they could put the item on sale on the website . so the customer can look at the website see what item they have for sale , they have larger style items and they can order the item then , they will be in charge of picking it out , packing it into a box and then sending that out of the customer on the appropriate shipping method .

They are robotics facility and the robots really serve its an essential function in the fulfillment process for the customer but behind that , it’s very heavy people-drive process , so they still have people at every step of the way with the product , moving , packing and shipping the product .

Kiva platform:

watch out this video on how it work :

The employees are aided by more than 800 Kiva robots in the 8th-generation fulfillment center — a result of Amazon’s $775 million acquisition in 2012 — that do everything from sort packages to lift heavy 3,000-pound pallets 24 feet into the air. Kiva Platform enabled them to store the inventory in much more condensed manner and to stowed to pick of that inventory and a quicker rate.

The technologies obviously helped make the process more efficient but they still need humans . The human being , they are the backbone of the company , they drive all the customer orders and all the customer fulfillment , without them it would be very extremely difficult .
The big challenge they have is ensuring that they bring on the people especially for peak in really controlled and safe manner , they spend a lot of time ensuring that people go through safety school, spent a lot of time ensuring that they know and are trained in the process and that made our process simple enough , that we cannot actually train quickly and efficiently as well .
They also have driver-less car that is automated guided vehicles and this so essentially, they called Tugging function, what it does ?

Amazon Fulfillment Center - Dupont WA

its eventually move to the other end of the building at “picking” stations where employees can quickly pick items off shelves when a customer order comes in ( it takes pallets that they have located for the replenishment process from one end of the building to the other) .
The amazing things about working at Amazon is that they are always trying to figure out what the new way that they can fulfill their customer orders .

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