Dropshipping: how to destroy the meaning of “Stock”

The stock is over, or, at least, this is what Dropshipping pretends to do in next times. The world of logistics is changing a lot during these years, and the introduction of E-Commerce into our life has changed the way the new businesses (and those which want to improve their performance) act and deal. Probably you have not heard yet about this concept, but it exists for several years.

What is exactly Dropshipping and how it works?

Imagine that you own an E-Commerce and it runs efficiently while you don’t care about keeping a stock of your products. Or imagine that you are the owner of a little fashion shop in the middle of the city center without a store inside the shop to hold a minimum stock of your products. It sounds quite weird, but this business model or logistic strategy is contributing to set up new businesses.


Through the dropshipping, a company doesn’t need to possess stock, dealing and achieving agreements whit manufacturers or wholesalers, which receive the order too and who are in charge of preparing, sending and delivering the products offered by the retailer, who is, in this case, the e-commerce or the fashion shop. In other words, the retailer acts as a kind of intermediary in these sales.

A Win-Win deal

There are some benefits to both parts:

  • For the owner of the E-Commerce or shop, they can sell a huge variety of products without stock, saving inventory costs among others and earning a commission over the manufacturer’s price.
  • For the dropshipper is profitable too because they broaden their customer portfolio without the costs of maintaining an online shop or positioning it.

amazon prime air

Furthermore, a lot of new businesses decide to begin the dropshipping through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. This strategy enables them not to create an E-Commerce, generating many advantages for them and taking advantage of the image and support of large and famous companies. This type of dropshipping assures online traffic to their products and takes advantage of the good reputation of Amazon or eBay and their works in promotion and retargeting. For further information about this, you can watch the following video:

All in all, the dropshipping is presented as a key element to set up new online businesses which need to reduce their logistics costs in their early stages and offering what the costumers demand. Definitely, it is a logistic model which will be the source of much talk in the future.

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