At the beginning, I was confused and resisted to learn logistic this subject.After implanting an array of research and study page by page by myself,I realized of logistic was born for customers’ needs,which would be considered priority. I would also say, was appeared by each of us. Let’s start with example.

We are playing one of the important role in Supply Chain

When we go to Mercadona for a carton of milk, it’s not only a simple milk that we saw. One carton of milk came from one farmer. It was supposed to be packaged well and this carton of milk needed to be brought by transportation. It could be by ship, airplane, or truck. When it arrived in to Mercadona, that’s what we saw at the end.
Since the quanty is huge, and requirement is increased, then this is about the Supply Chain of Things. This movement of bringing the goods, we called Logistic.

Supply Chain and Logistic

But why we need logistic? The answer would be responded:

  • End customer won’t be possibled to go to purchase one carton of milk in factory because of the long distance, huge quantity and they won’t sold by particular item.
  • It takes over the responsibility to keep the goods in a good condition when they arrived in the stock.
  • Implementing the supply chain needs the transportation. In this case, products design ,market and pallets are crucial.
  • Logistic plays an important role in warehousing. When the goods arrived, it needs a big space to be received, stored and shipped again to the suppliers, then retailer and end customers.
  • Recycling and economical. Once accomplished the first shippment, those pallets , containers and other relevant material will be returned , reused from end customers to the manufactors.

Summarizing those functions, logistic implement the whole supply chain and is the backbone of it. The end purpose of this complex process, is to meet customers’ need. What’ more, logistic was driven by Techcnology. It takes full advantages of controling the stock, inventory, work more efficient, improving communication rate between suppliers, factories and store staffs.

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