Intralogistics – what does it mean?

Recently, people are increasingly using a phrase “intralogistics” in the operating environment.

Some industrial companies add the word “intralogistics” to their names. For example, LTW Intralogistics and Wynright Intralogistics.

Michael Schick, head of Wynright, defines intralogistics as “all directions of logistics within the” four walls “, which provides the provision, management, tracking and optimization of cargo movements and information flows.”

This concept explains the ability to deliver packages on time, while at the same time maintain a smooth operation of its conveyor.

Thanks to UPS, people began to understand the concept of logistics, as well as intralogistics as an extended function of logistics itself. In business, only a small percentage of profits settle, while a large percentage of losses go through the doors of logistics. Knowing this “secret,” such large companies as Wal-Mart entice their positions employees as executive directors from logistics companies.

So logistics is how we move things from point A to point B across the supply chain. Intralogistics is that same concept but related to how we get our product most efficiently from the receiving dock to the shipping dock in the warehouse, plant and distribution centre. The video is an example of intralogistics work:

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