Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) with Lockers

Nowadays, different online companies opt for last mile to deliver the product and using different means to transport product as soon as possible. The variety of different delivery options and quality of delivery is main criteria for online consumer to evaluate the services and products. Therefore, it is important for a company to invest on good and reliable transportation facilities which incur less expense and provide good experience to the customer.

We all know about drone, it is very efficient when product needs to deliver in nearby location within minutes. It is assumed that around 1 supervisor is required per 8 drones. Second is a bike courier. This kind of bike courier is being used to supply prepared food and small number of parcel in nearby location.

Another is Automatic guided vehicle.


This is considered to be future of last mile. In this, customer is notified of exact arrival time of a vehicle and customer has to collect their product from the locker which was assigned to them at the time of placing order. There is requirement of supervisor for 8-10 AGVs.


  • Accountability: There is minimum chance of product being misplaced as it is on constant tracking.
  • Scheduling: As AGV can be done on-time and time of transportation can be predicted, it is helpful in making reliable schedule to avoid waste.
  • Safety: AGVs are equipped with sophisticated collision avoidance systems, so damage due to vehicle is less. Moreover, AGVs always follow their guide path, stop if they encounter an obstacle and provide audible and visual warning of their presences, improving the safety of surrounding personnel.
  • Flexibility: Travel path can be changed according to requirements and then can be added to its system.


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