Drone Food Delivery

While watching the football match of Real and Barca, I got very hungry and noticed that I still have a discount available on deliveroo which soon will expire. So, since it’s lazy-sunday I decided to order some food. Unfortunately, I have to wait now 40 minutes until the Indian food will be delivered…

November 2016, Domino’s tested for the first time the new delivery innovation: drones. In New Zealand the first flying pizza touched the ground near Auckland, the delivery flight took under 5 minutes for 20 miles. Please, watch the video 🙂 :

Can drones revolutionise traditional logistics and supply chains? And can we soon expect to get our pizzas delivered within 10 minutes in front of our doorsteps?

Some basic facts on the pilot project:

  • Drone delivery offers tremendous benefits in the form of cheaper, faster shipping. This could accelerate the growth of online retail sales as free and fast shipping are the most enticing factors drawing consumers to shop online more often.
  • There are two main types of drone delivery companies are exploring: home drone delivery and supply chain delivery. Although home drone delivery receives the bulk of public attention, using drones to make deliveries within the supply chain can smooth out the fulfillment process and increase efficiencies.
  • Mainstream adoption of drone delivery will take place in stages over the next few years as regulations are put in place and drone technology improves. Right now, most tests are extremely limited in scope, take place in rural areas, and do not actually deliver packages to customers’ front doors. These tests will gradually progress, eventually bringing drone delivery to more customers in populated areas.


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