How to give logistic and environment a turn of the screw with Logicopalet

Logicpalet, is a removable and mountable pallet made of plastic scrap. with which thanks to this invention we will achieve a reduction of organic and plastic waste, and help the environment by avoiding the felling of trees.

The Patent is based on a structure based on the combination of only two basic pieces, capable of being assembled and disassembled indefinitely, resulting in a Pallet.

These two basic pieces, multiplied in number and arranged in a given position (longitudinally and transversely), are assembled in a solid structure without requiring any other connecting elements.


The Logicpalet has a wide range of dimensions depending on the customer’s needs. We can take any measure. The damaged parts of the Logicpalet are easily replaceable. Since they are two parts.

Low logistics costs over long distances. Great savings in logistics return ratio of 1 to 4. With this we could use the space left over from transport to transport other goods. With this new idea we could achieve a greater benefit from the same journey.

Thanks to the reuse system of the recycled plastic pallet, we avoid the felling of millions of trees. Reduction of the totality of greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organization, event or product. It contributes to preventing Biological Contamination (Living undesirable organisms in an environment, which can generate different diseases).

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