HelloFresh – Home delivery of Food Ingredients

Logistics has long been a part of the business strategies of companies and is indispensable nowadays.

The purpose of Logistics is to plan and organize and implement the bridging of the dimensions of time and space within a system. Due to that, Logistic is one of the most important functions of an enterprise.

For this purpose, the seven R´s (Figure 1) are the central tasks of Logistics.

seven R´s

But also in the private sector, these seven elements of Logistics should not be ignored.


Lately, companies like “HelloFresh” exploit the current market situation, in which it is important for the society to save as much time as possible. With their business idea, which is mainly to save time for the consumer, they placed themselves in the market.


Their main concept is to offer recipes and the necessary ingredients for the respective meals. Additionally, the delivered ingredients fit to the chosen amount of people as well as the amount of meals. So, the customer has the possibility to choose between 2, 3 and 4 people, and between 3 to 5 recipes per week.

They deliver the right ingredients in the right quantity, with the right quality to the customers home, at the right time and the right costs for the right customer. (remember the 7 R´s)

This business concept has the advantage of a huge time saving aspect for the consumer. The times in which the customer had to spent time in supermarkets and on long supermarket checkouts, as well as the times for finding new ideas for healthy and delicious meals are over.





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