Sustainable Transportation: Innovations

Supply chain managers not only want to reduce costs, they also want to be able to overcome their efficiency levels and to do it on a Green strategy.

Some of the innovations that can make a supply chain more Green are:

-Digitalization of communications:

Instead of using paper and printer cartridges today, transportation companies are more effective in exchanging information using smart devices and sensors.

-Communication between vehicles of the fleet:

Peloton Technologies is a pioneer addressing two of the industry’s biggest problems: fuel and safety. Through the use of radar sensors and some technological solution proposed by this company allows two trucks to progress almost in an integrated way. Driving less than 6 meters from each other, the aerodynamic fuel economy is used by 4.5% and 10% in the 2nd vehicle:

-Load efficiency:

Staxxon already offers a replacement of a normal rigid container, made of a foldable design. With this method, five empty and folded containers can fit in the same space as a normal non-folding container. This innovation would make it possible to reduce the number of ships needed to transport containers, as well as the number of trucks responsible for their transfer from ports:

In my opinion, these innovations are the result of research into the needs and initiative to make things work better, to make the supply chain greener and respectful of the environment.

One thought on “Sustainable Transportation: Innovations”

  1. For me it is one of his best position. If I had known this technology or method, I would have handled transportation logistics much better in my previous employment.

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