One of the best things to do on weekends in Medellin is to go up the mountain into a town called Rionegro, in which many people have cottages and farms where they spend not only weekends but holydays as well. It is located at 45 minutes from the city and represents one the most frequented places not only by people that go for leisure but for people who live there and just go back and forth to the city every day.

The road to Rionegro is as all of them very narrow and have just one lane on each direction, many years ago they built another one because the airport moved its hub from the city to Rionegro, placing all international and national flights up there. So people have to follow this roads every day to go to the airport and to go to their houses or cottages.

It was until last year that the FlyPass came to Medellin as a solution for the traffic jam that emerge at the tolls in each of the roads that led to Rionegro, as there where only one lane for each direction, the toll split in two lanes for each direction but then narrowed again, making a bottle neck and creating really bad traffic jams especially in rush hours on Sundays and holydays when people were returning from Rionegro.

The FlyPass uses an electronic devise that gathers all the information bout the vehicle, its owner, license and serves as a payment method which has a monthly fee that can be reload, simplifying tasks such as toll payment and making them into more agile and cost effective solutions to the people. The devise attached to the windshield and turns into your electronic license that associates to a user account you create when subscribing, from which they debit the amount every time you pass through the FlyPass lane, meaning that not everyone can use that lane, only cars with FlyPass, which shortens the queue and the waiting time by eliminating the human interaction in the toll payment which is what makes it slow and inefficient.

This is the website and a short vide of how does it works.

One thought on “FLYPASS”

  1. This same method is used in the Dominican Republic, however it is not controlled by private companies. It is very useful to reduce the transit time of the vehicles that go from city to city, therefore it contributes in the logistics.

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