This new system assists in the management of product and material storage in automated warehouses and imporves floor space utilization and does not require manua labor to operate. With the automated robot Skypod they optimize eCommerce in your warehouse.

The company

Founded in 2015 by Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz, Exotec builds an autonomous robot, Skypod 3d, for fulfillment warehouses that automate the collection and moving of goods inside a warehouse.

The startup’s revenue doubled in 2020 as several new international clients, including Carrefour and Fast Retailing, adopted their technology in key warehousses. In 2019 Exotec and the internationa retail company, Fast Retailing started a new partnership,

The system & Robots

Some experts in the logistics world have said that this system is nowadays the best solution in the actual marketplace in order picking systems for units.

The operation is very simple, is based in shelves, robots and picking stations, only the robots have moving parts, the other components are passive elements, therefore they do not need maintenance and they do not have the chance to be damaged.

It is a vertical solution, the system and the boxes and shelves use the space of the warehouse in a efficient way, they leverage until 12 meters height. The robots themselves, using rails in the shelves, goes up to pick the container and bring to the work station, with the worker.

Another advantge of the system is the power consumption, that are lower than other automatic modes, due to the fact that the robots only weigh 45 kg.

In other words, this company is changing the rules of the game in the logistics of E-commerce companies. With the patented system of going up through the shelves and their robots, they can achieve incredibles times in searching, picking and sending the product to the final consumer. Due to the individuality of each robot, if you business growth you can add more robots, shelves and picking stations.

In the video below, you can see the different advantages and components of the system. Enjoy it!

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