Nowadays pollution is a topic of great importance in all the industries, as for the daily operations of a company, big quantities of CO2 are released. For the logistics sector, this contamination is produced because of the use of fossil fuels in transportation, but what if we could keep transporting the products from one place to another without having such a big negative impact on the planet?

A possible solution for this issue is the utilization of renewable energies such as the one generated by green Hydrogen. This chemical element is abundant in nature, is light and highly reactive. This hydrogen can be obtained by electrolysis (a chemical process that separates hydrogen from oxygen in water).

Some advantages of this growing industry:
– It is 100% sustainable compared to traditional fuels

-It can be transformed into electricity for mobility and other purposes

-It can be stored and used after its production

-It can travel through the same channels and infrastructure as gas and can be mixed with it up to 20%

Some challenges to face:

-High costs related to equipment and technology as there is a lack of infrastructure for this chemical and the production process is not fully developed, which increases the costs compared to the ones of diesel.

-High costs of vehicles, even though it is an eco-friendly option for the logistics sector, it will increase the service prices.

“According to some studies, the year-on-year increase in hydrogen plants between 2018 and 2019 worldwide was 20%, between 2019 and 2020 it was over 50% and between 2020 and 2021 it is expected to exceed 100%, i.e. double the number of operational stations.”

According to prediction from the World Hydrogen Council, its production will become 50% cheaper by 2030, being one of the fuels of the future. Furthermore, the European Commission presented a “Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Strategy” a specific plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 90% related to transportation in the next three decades.

With the development of this environmental energy source, transportation companies can become more sustainable while developing their current business and lowering their carbon footprint.

From: Stock Logistics – Green hydrogen will gain importance in the logistics sector

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