Rusia: host country for Fifa worldcup

Have you ever desired to attend to FIFA World Cup? In 2018, I decided to put all my effort to attend Rusia World Cup and achieved it.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world, being such a demanded event, Russia needed to be prepared. With hundreds of thousands of people going into the country, here are some things that Russia did on their logistics to receive us all:


With matches happening in a multiple cities around the country, transportation is something that is essential. Russia provided all people holding a match ticket with a ‘FAN ID’ that was like a visa. This ID gave some advantages such as using free public transportation in the hosting cities and intercity trains. The city managed to have all the needed trains to move the fans holding a ticket in time for the match.


For the ticketing, FIFA had different prices according to the match number and the section in the stadium, all this tickets were released in different queues. The sell was divided in phases in which the ‘first come, first served’ method was applied. This was vital to get the FAN ID and be able to enjoy the benefits.


In preparation for the World Cup Rusia built over 100 new hotels to have enough accommodation for fans and reformed their stadiums.


All around the city you could find people helping all the tourist and signals for all the touristic places, stadiums and public transportation.

If something in their logistic had failed it would had been a disaster but they managed to do it GREAT! Rusia maintained the Fan ID as a visa to enter their country for one year more hoping the tourism of their country grows.

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