urban alternative transport

As a continuation of the topic of public transport, which I mentioned in a previous article, there are also points in Valencia where you can rent transport to move around the city. It is not considered public, but is controlled by the city council. They are the ones who decide whether to issue a permit and establish zones and a rental locations.

A long and familiar Valenbisi bike chain. A total of 2,750 bicycles are available to users distributed in 275 Base Stations strategically distributed throughout the city. Until recently, the network had only ordinary bicycles at its disposal, updated its stations, and now you can also find electric bikes around the city.

In order to rent a bike, you need to register on the site, buy a card and check in every 30 minutes at the rental office, otherwise additional funds will be charged.

It should be noted that the bicycle network influences a great importance in the life of the city, but with the arrival of electric motorcycles in the market, more and more loses its relevance.


Leased the electric motorcycle have become very popular. The companies providing this service have made it as easy as they could to rent such a vehicle. All you have to do is download an application, upload a photo of your driver’s license, and once the information has been quickly verified, you can already enjoy the bonus minutes given by almost any company that has entered this market.

It good to say it is a very convenient and fast way, which partly helps save time and money. One trip for two people is sometimes cheaper than on public transport for two. But you also get the time savings mentioned above. The electric motorcycle can be left absolutely anywhere in the city where motorcycles are allowed to park, so they have very easy access.


Let’s talk about the new fashion of electric scooters. It is one of the latest transportation trends in the world. It really is a scooter as we know it but it is powered by an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. Unlike a normal one, it propels you without moving your feet.

In Valencia, unfortunately, the electro scooters were not approved by the local authorities. So let’s look at the example in Madrid.

Madrid is an good city to get around on an electric scooter. It has slopes, large streets in many areas and distances that are not saved in “two steps”. Although it is true that it does not have as many bike lanes that could be adapted for scooters as other Spanish cities, it is a city with space for everyone and, in addition, pollution would be reduced with this mode of transport, or so say the promoters of the electric scooter in Madrid.

The truth is that the companies behind the electric scooters in Madrid have encountered very restrictive regulations in the capital, and it is not easy to get around Madrid. The city has very limited areas where we can move in this type of transport, but the truth is that licenses have been granted to 18 companies, for a total of 8,160 new scooters, so it is to be expected that It is easier to see them in Madrid.

The conditions of the APPs of electric scooters are quite simple. Basically, it is about making an account with an associated email, as well as associating a payment method (PayPal or card). In the APP we locate the scooter and, once we have it in our possession, we unlock it using the camera to scan the QR code.

Using an electric scooter is very convenient. I tried this type of transport in Portugal, which helped me a lot in the absence of a driver’s license.


Comparing these three types of transport, which now exist on the market of provided services, instead of public transport, electric scooters obviously benefit. If you do not have the right to drive such a vehicle, you can rent an electric bike or an electric scooter. Each of these modes of transport has its pros and cons, but it serves as one of the solutions to the problems that currently exist in connection with the city’s traffic with private vehicles.

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