Santiago Bernabéu becomes a Distribution Center

Because of the big problem related to COVID-19 Real Madrid C. F. has facilitated the stadium to the government to be a key logistic partner during epidemic as a solidarity act.

Real Madrid is cordinated with different organism such as Top Sports Commission, Madrid Ministry and the Government in order to manage all together the supply and distribution of sanitary materials from donations.

As we saw in class a distribution center is a warehouse or other specialized building which is stocked with products to be redistributed to retailers, to wholesalers, or directly to consumers. In this case, they receive a lot of donations from different people or organisms most related with sports and then they distribute to the hospitals, residences, etc, acording to the government. See the following picture for a better understand of situation.

In this situation, this building can be consider a key partner because it finds inside the city, it’s one of the best comunicated points of the whole city and it has a lot of space to carry out the activity.

If you are more interested, here you can see more information:

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