The three world’s e-commerce giants all use the unmanned system to improve the capability of their warehouse

Like the yesterday’s class showed that the warehouse has five basic operations: receiving, put away to storage, order picking, order grouping/unitizing, shipping. We can see many changes in current warehouse system. Now I want to share you with the unmanned sorting warehouse.

Jingdong was the first company that has built a system about totally unmanned warehouse.

As the video shows, all the five basic operations are done by the robot. Once the warehouse has received the goods, the Robot Arm can sort the goods and measures its weight and its volume. Then the robot arm can give a visual inspection.

Robot Arm

After that, the goods will be stored by the three-dimensional warehouse by the automatic conveyors. Here are using the stackers lifting machines and pallets or boxes to put the goods in stereoscopic warehouse.

Stereoscopic warehouse

Next when there get some orders, the goods will be sent to the robot pickup station. After picking up, the robots also can attach invoice to the courier, package automatically, attach waybill and with the conveyors system, the goods could be sorted to different location. Here we can see the company is using the supply robot, that the robot can calculate the route itself by using the QR. Every small hole corresponds to a province, when there are full of products, the system can pick them up and transport them to the truck. Finally, the truck can bring these parcels to other provinces. All of these processes are unmanned system. By the way, Alibaba also uses the supply robot.

In addition, Amazon also has their own unmanned sorting system and all the technology has saved much walking time than before. Three-dimensional warehouse has more capacity than the conventional racking.

In conclusion, all of the E-commerce giants accept the new technology to modify their procedure and improve the capability to process orders.

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