Logistic TREND – Digital Twin technology

I would like to present you a future technology trend for logistics that will become more important in 2020. Digital twins are one of the most exciting developments that have risen over the past years. The digital twin technology allows the physical world and the digital world to be melded into one. Below you will find a short video, which explains what a digital twin is and in what kind of business areas it could be useful:

Process Optimization for Shipments

A digital twin can virtually predict everything that will happen in the physical world and therefore businesses are able to get a valuable insight for future planning and developments. A simulation with a digital twin can be used to collect product data, analyse packaging und use that information to identify weaknesses.

Imagine it would be possible to simulate a whole product process, starting from manufacturing until it reached the customer. Everything in that process can be analysed and, in the end, optimized. Potential problems can be identified before even shipping the real product, which allows cost reduction and improves efficiency.

Some companies already apply this new technology in their daily routine, for instance DHL. They describe 5 ways how digital twinning will revolutionize logistics:


If you are interested in that topic, please let me know. I really enjoyed that futuristic topic and maybe I will do another post to discuss this topic even further.

5 thoughts on “Logistic TREND – Digital Twin technology”

  1. Wow, your post was so interesting!! I would love to have a new post about this subject! Do you think it could one day be applied every kind of industry?:)

    1. yeah I think someday it will even be applied to smaller businesses, but that will take years until then. Partly a lot of global players already use it, but not everybody.
      Thank you for your feedback – I will do another more specific post about that 🙂

  2. Hi! Really interesting your post! this tecnology can optimize a lot of logistics process and avoid a lot of errors. I will love it to see it on action in more distribution centers in DHL.


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