Receive delivery in 15 minutes? !

Yesterday, I helped my sister buy some medicines on a Chinese app. I did not expect that it would only take 15 minutes from the time I successfully paid the order to the time when my sister received the medicine delivery.

This speed really scared me! !!

The company’s name is “DINGDANG KUAIYAO”. DINGDANG is the translation of the Japanese anime Doraemon when it introduced the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets, which means that this app can provide many unexpected services like Doraemon’s magic. KUAI means fast and YAO means medicine.

The picture below is the Doraemon animation (DINGDANG) that was once popular in Asia.

The picture below is a courier photoshoot taken by my younger sister. There is also some record shown on the receipt with the picker’s name in the pharmacy and his/her temperature data.

As the whole world is now experiencing a virus “war”, citizens should go out as little as possible. People who are uncomfortable cannot go to the hospital to see a doctor, takeaway and express delivery need to be implemented, we need use contactless distribution, this application just solves this series of problems.

Their slogan is to deliver goods such as medicines to people in 28 minutes (in the core area). And provide 24 * 7 services.
Initially, DINGDANG KUAIYAO was designed to meet the users’ urgent need for medications, especially the drug purchase demand at night was as high as 35%. Later, they started a self-built distribution team to conduct 24-hour distribution and operate it with their own pharmacy. This is like a warehouse that stores goods. It also uses its own team during the transportation process (Compared to Amazon transportation, they have own transportation and delivery fleets and also cooperate with third-party carriers. However, due to the increase third-party transportation costs , Amazon is planning to reduce the proportion of third-party shipping.)

In order to solve the problem of delivering the medicines that customers urgently need in 28 minutes, DINGDANG KUAIYAO passed the electronic fence technology and combined with the actual traffic conditions to conduct an air-running test to divide the city into several core areas, thereby ensuring that each core area Prompt delivery. It also has a service for scheduling delivery. Users can schedule delivery time in advance according to their own time, thereby improving time efficiency.

DINGDANG KUAIYAO and 200 well-known pharmaceutical companies jointly created the “FSC (Factory Service Customer) Pharmaceutical Enterprise Alliance Health Service Project”, united traditional pharmaceutical companies, integrated industry resources, and through centralized procurement of alliance members’ raw materials, packaging materials, and auxiliary materials, Reducing the cost of medicines from the upstream of the industrial chain, thereby reducing the price of medicines, truly achieving direct industrial access to high-quality products, and reducing the burden of medicine on the people, is a link between users and manufacturers.

4 thoughts on “Receive delivery in 15 minutes? !”

  1. Hi Tina, thanks for sharing your personal experience with the post of your Blog, my personal appreciation is that if it is about people’s health, pharmacies and other stores that sell medicines should try to attend in the shortest time possible, and provide quality service, with all this of Coronavirus we have realized that the first thing is health, and that without it nothing would make sense.In Colombia there is also a company that does very well, not as fast as the companies you tell us, but their good service is almost similar, and you can always order online or by phone which makes things easier, it is called Farmatodo, if you are interested you can go in and check! Greetings.

    1. Hi, S~~

      I totally agree with you. The need will change the world and change the mode we live in.
      Thanks for your recommendation. Every company should update and learn from others to keep improving.

  2. How amazing. China and its enormous logistics development. Soon, may companies will start imitating china´s procedures. Very interesting.

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