Amazon in the covid-19 crisis

22 January 2020, Saxony, Lampertswalde: At a distribution centre, an Amazon sorting employee carries packages into a delivery van. In the hall, parcels from the online mail order company’s European logistics centres are unloaded, sorted and delivered to customers in the Saxon state capital. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa (Photo by Sebastian Kahnert/picture alliance via Getty Images). Link

This entry is linked to Chloe’s post. As it is said in her link Amazon prioritizes the sale of costumer staples at the expense of consumer discretionary goods. On Tuesday, Amazon told its outsider merchants it would incidentally stop receipts and capacity of any merchandise other than necessities of sanitary supplies. It is public that Amazon is doing everything it can to meet the most significant shopper needs at the present time.

Amazon principales are key in the culture of the company, safety of its employees goes first, second it’s customer obsession, working backwards on behalf of the customer understanding their requirements and delivering the results. That is basically what Amazon workers do everyday, their environment is changing all the time so they are ready for unpredictable situations like the COVID-19 crisis.

Last I would like to say something about all the people working in the logistics sector these days. We all thank doctors, nurses, police officers for their hard work but let’s not forget about all the people at companies like Amazon and all the 3PL’s and couriers that give their best to deliver your orders everyday.

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