"hospital indoor logistics robot" is employed to escort medical workers

More and more intelligent devices and artificial intelligence products are applied to the anti-epidemic front line, showing the hard power of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

It is understood that the robot can accurately complete the 24-hour non-contact autonomous distribution of clean materials such as hospital meals and medical supplies. At the same time, it can realize the functions of regular movement, meals and medical articles handling. Thus effectively improve the hospital operation efficiency, reduce the risk of cross-infection between doctors and patients, reduce the burden of medical staff.

Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the hospitals in the open area have made active prevention and control deployment. The prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia is a systematic project involving space structure, human and material resources, etc. In order to reduce the input of medical staff, reduce the risk of cross-infection, and deal with the shortage of epidemic prevention materials, the hospitals in the area immediately raised the demand for robot services.

We will develop and produce disinfection robot, medicine delivery robot, human indicators monitoring robot, physiotherapy robot and a series of products suitable for clinical use in hospitals. These “iron guardians” will help the medical staff who are fighting against the epidemic, get out of the basic work, and better deal with the epidemic and treat the patients.

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