Queuing System in the coronavirus crisis.

These days the most important global new is the widespread that the coronavirus has had not only in Europe, but in the rest of the world. The social media right now is full of videos of empty cities due to the measures taken by de government of Spain in order to stop the fast-growing rate of the virus. Yet, there are some people saying that there is a panic state and there is no reason for taking such strict measurements because, in their words, the virus is not lethal, and it has got just a mortality rate of just 3%.

However. How much of truth does those comments have? Well, it certainly can be said that the mortality rate is low, but it is as weak as easy to spread, so the real problem relies on the capacity of the health system of the countries. The explanation of why a queue is created explain the principal issue of this pandemic threat: they appear due to variability and they do not disappear due to the saturation. In the big scale it means that the contagious ease of the virus will create a disruptive increasing demand for healthcare which cannot be handled due to the saturation and reduced capacity. There is no system in the world which can handle such amount of ill people.   

2 thoughts on “Queuing System in the coronavirus crisis.”

  1. This is an interesting point. Another one (just to provoke more comments) is that the western world was facing a huge economic crisis, and politicians could not do anything against it. And now coronavirus has given them the opportunity to justify it. Just an example: Some two weeks ago Ford was planning to cut 400 jobs, now is the quarentine who reduces its activity. Just to provoke comments

    1. As a personal opinion, I think that the economy in the whole world was dealing with a crisis panorama for some years ago. the coronavirus just came to make the crisis even bigger, but the governments around the world decided to put all the blame in the virus, instead of accepting that the global system is suffering another bubble crisis, and that all the economies, even the developed ones, are weak.

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