How the delivery drones are changing the logistic

8 years ago amazon tried its first delivery system using an automatic drone, the new service was called amazon prime air, from now on, the online marketplaces face a new opportunity and challenge for improving their businesses, the agility, easiness and convenience of using air transport may create new expectations among the customers which choose which website they will use depending on facts like the speed of the delivery.

The drones are cheaper to operate, however the market stills new and there inquiries to solve like the safety of the devices, the visual pollution that a thousand of drones flying around the city may generate, the restriction in terms of weight and size of the cargo, the good and adequate weather dependence and the autonomy of the flights to reduce the amount of proximity warehouses. In terms of warehousing the drones also help, the land drones may help in the management of the warehouses and the problems that their delivery brothers have are reduced due to the fact of being operated and controlled in a smaller and closer spaces which do not affect thirds. The automatization of the warehouses may be a bit expensive but could represent an increase In the logistic performance efficiency of a company.

To ilustrate what I have said, I post a video of a company which nowadays offer the service of air-drone delivery systems.

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