the future of logistic in decathlon. part 2

In this post I am going to talk about the future of Decathlon and how it wants to reconvert its business to adapt it to the new times and for them a reconversion of logistics is essential. As head of department I was able to attend congresses in which the future strategy of the company was defined. And the premise was clear, online commerce is the future and the business has to adapt to it.

For it they prioritize an element and it is the online purchase, they consider that the purchase by Internet is going to constitute the bulk of the business of a few years from now and they try to adapt the stores in that sense.

But to what extent is logistics affected?

Because the key element to become leaders in the purchase of sportswear online is based on providing the customer with the variety of products that the company has in the shortest possible time. For this they are based on the premise of using the large supermarkets they have as logistics centers from which the goods are distributed. This would allow them to have logistics centers in the main provinces of the country and from there make a distribution of goods in a very short space of time since they are usually framed roads near large cities. In addition, they would have points for returns and testing of products but the basic idea is the conversion of existing stores into large logistics centers.

Decathlon stores in Spain

This conversion is going to take place progressively but the trend is already palpable and the company does not want to miss the opportunity so tries to encourage customers who come to the store to increase their consumption of the web through training conducted by employees through online platforms that are in the middle of the corridors.

The result is that given the magnitude of competition in the textile sector, the company has an advantageous position by having centers strategically located. The only thing that it will have to carry out is the reconversion to warehouses of products and to carry out an effective distribution.

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