After last Friday’s class, I started researching transport management systems and it was a surprise to discover that both logistics operations and transport are responsible for 25% of Co2 emissions in Spain.
That is why I have decided to write about this and some keys to make Spanish logistics a more sustainable activity:

  • Lean & Green: companies adhering to this code must commit themselves to reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases, at least 20% within a maximum period of 5 years

  • Alternative propulsion systems: use propulsion systems alternative to diesel such as liquefied natural gas or directly hybrid or electric vehicles for more sustainable logistics

  • Software applications to obtain data on routes, charges and carbon footprint: knowing how much the company pollutes, through what transport, how often and its impact is the first step to reduce these contaminations

  • Intermodality: combining two or more means of transport can be more sustainable, especially if it does not require a quick shipment.

  • Green logistics: try to put value to the efficiency from the ecological point of view to balance this principle with the economic one.

  • Solar light: take advantage of natural resources such as sunlight for daytime taking into account that logistics centers work day and night, reducing electricity consumption and artificial light

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