Dariy 2 distribution of network

Key words:

Internactional comercial, Warehousing, Inventory, Customer-based, Servution System

Distribution of network is about knowing what is service and what is the know-how. The whole logistic supply chain is serving around targeted customers or the end users’ need by finding out features which could impact customers purchase behaviours .The marketers  are supposed to keep it in their mind firstly.

Those brick-and-mortar stores are taking into account how they can make transit with customers by performing :

1.response time

2.product variety

3.product availability

4.customer experience

5.time to market

6.order visibility


ALDI, the famous known supermarket,could be used as a metaphor like a mini society supply chain , who performs the intermedia agency to meet customers need by delivering food and  providing great value and quality. Since opening its first store in 1913, ‘To provide our customers with the products they buy regularly and ensure that those products are of the highest possible quality at guaranteed low prices is their business concept. Aldi’s products are sourced from hand-picked suppliers whose products are sold under Aldi’s own brand labels. Why customers get use to buy food in supermarket instead of going to those huge warehouse, it could be answered that supermarkets business model called Servution System.

Customers can have auto-service by themselves when they are selecting articles without any employees next to them.In the same time, staff in supermarkets are prepared to help solving  customers’ doubts. During the purchase process, product variety are available in shelves that’s why customers could spend time looking around the products and having a good shopping experience. Likewise, supermarket stock is for storing food and manage the products quantities if it’s still on stock or sold out, for refilling the shelves and meet customers gratifacation.

Distribution network can easily be modeled and gain benefits:

1.reduced unessary cost of distribution.

2. enhance customer satisfaction and improve its service.

3. understand cost of service, transportation, and warehousing .

4. maintain inventory stock and market need.

Supply chain management is a transport process by carrying out the goods to customer and customer. As for manufacturer, trading companies are their main customers,while retailers are the main target customers .The end user can meet their desire of wanted products in shop. It’s about Need of Things.

In the era of globalization today, Asian countries have increased the number of amout of exportation .They are making a great progress of being a huge fatory market and making a great contribution of distribution of network. Those mergered developing countries produce the wanted goods and ship them by ship, by air or by truck. This transport process establish the base for suppliers and retailers to allocate their products to customers. They are not visible as the product availability in a supermarket, but it does implement achieving customer service and meet customer needs.

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