The transport and logistics companies can define the barcoding type needed to implement based on the stored information need. In addition to the 1-dimensional barcodes, there are 2-dimensional barcodes that can store up the data of a packing list, for example.

Barcoding can include: Unique number of an expedition, reference number of an article, postal code of the recipient, etc. Depending on the barcoding use, a compatible type will be chosen. The size of the bar code must be enough to guarantee that the reading is correct.

Barcoding is a technology that allows the automatic information capture and allows to identify products through a numeric code that is usually combined with an alphabetical one. This system is simple to be implemented in any type of organization, regardless of its size or function. Barcoding has two basic characteristics: speed of use, security in the transmission of informationv and standardization. A barcode can contain information of 20 characters, this can be read, decoded and entered into a computer in less than a second, constituting a time saving of seven times more compared to the manual form.

There are different barcoding types:

There are different barcoding types:

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Currently, barcoding allows any product to be identified anywhere in the world, quickly and without the possibility of error.

The barcode unifies the denomination given to each item throughout the Value Network, additionally facilitates the interoperability of its applications with those of its customers and suppliers, and supports the error-free processing of information, also benefiting the consumer in the processes of purchase and payment at the point of sale.

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