Mercadona Logistic Center of Ciempozuelos

Thanks to its well known name or thanks to the logistics classes we all know about the size of Mercadona as one of the biggets companies in Spain.

For the ones that don’t know it yet, Mercadona is a Spanish distribution company borned in Tabernes Blanques (Comunidad Valenciana) in 1977. Mercadona already has 1626 supermarkets distributed between the 50 Spanish provinces, with a total of  79.000 workers. The total net benefit of Mercadona in 2016 was 636 million euros, what meant a new record for the company on that year.


But let’s stop talking about numbers and interesting general data and let’s start talking about logistics, that’s what this blog page is for. If I write about Mercadona logistic structure it’s impossible for me to not talk about the logistic center of Mercadona in Ciempozuelos, Madrid.

Mercadona calls its big logistic center in Ciempozuelos as “the warehouse of the XXI century”, It is one of the most modern distribution platforms in the world, where they have achieved to automate all the processes thanks to a new software that distributes the pallets from the manufacturers to the different shops.

In our last class we had a session about warehousing where we understood the importance of the measurements as height, depth or weight in order to design a warehouse, that’s why I looked for information about these data in the warehouse of Ciempozuelos, it has four large buildings; one for dry products (45,000 square meters), one for cold products (42,000 square meters), one for packaging products (10,000 square meters) and another for services (with another 2,000 square meters, organized in vertical, in its more than 20 meters of height). The process is automatic in all the sections, except in the one in charge of the fish.

In fact, in order to make the circulation of workers through the facilities of Ciempozuelos easier, the warehouse has two walkways (of 2,000 square meters) that internally communicate all the buildings, this helps to avoid transit through the ways leading to the loading docks and unloading for trucks.

But Mercadona will not stop here, the supermarket chain is already working and investing in its new logistic center in Sangunto (Valencia), it is assumed  that after its construction this warehouse will be the biggest logistic center of Mercadona in Spain. So be prepared logistic center of Campozuelos, because as Mercadona announced you will not be the biggest warehouse of the company for the next summer, when the new center of Sagunto is supposed to be inaugurated.

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